Making the Most of Your Time At CES and CntrStg

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With CES fast approaching, we’ve had a number of requests from the community for more information about the schedule of events at CntrStg.  We’re working hard to finalize all the details of which company is talking on what days and at what time. As soon as we have that nailed down, we will be posting it here for everyone to take advantage of.  I am hoping that we can have everyone in agreement and can make that schedule available to you within the next week.

In the interest of maximizing your time and schedule, we wanted to share with you the focus for each day.

CntrStg will open on Wednesday January 7th at 4pm for our Welcome Party and Keynote Live Stream. Thursday January 8th will be Mobile PC Day. On Friday January 9th, we will have Home Electronics Day. And finally, Saturday January 10th will be Mobile Phone / Handheld Day.

I realize that this doesn’t provide much information, but hopefully it can help you in planning when you would like to be in CntrStg and when you can spend time on the show floor.  Don’t forget, we’ll have a shuttle bus running between the convention center and the Wynn to make it even easier for you to get around.

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4 Responses to “Making the Most of Your Time At CES and CntrStg”
  1. Chris Heuer says:

    just curious about this one line on your site -

    “CntrStg is a community driven by people choosing for themselves what companies they would like to see and hear from”

    can I just submit a list of companies I want to hear from and then they can sign up on a wiki or something to get a time slot? if so, I would like to hear from a few companies – how do we extend an invitation to them? or do they need to pay a fee to present?

    I would love to present a bit about what is happening with Social Media Club in 2009 and what we are going to do to improve global media literacy. I also know a few friends who are doing some cool online services for the digital home that would be great to see there…

  2. Hi Chris, Back in the middle of November we sent out a survey to all the registered attendees asking which companies they wanted to hear from. Based on that information we have been working to contact the companies and see if we can arrange a time for them to speak at CntrStg.

  3. Chris Heuer says:

    sorry I didnt know about this back then – just saw the blog pop up this month – did you publish the results of the survey here on the blog or to the community?

  4. Chris Heuer says:

    PS – so if someone chose a company I worked with to present there, would they be able to just show up and speak or is there a fee associated with it? I would imagine the latter, but your response above seemed to indicate a different sort of process.

    How much to get a slot for one of my clients?